Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System

Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System Review

Blind Spot Detection System
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The Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System is ideal for drivers that need some added peace of mind when it comes to their blind spots.


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Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System

As the new vehicles become faster and faster, we need an extra pair of eyes that can keep us safe. Blind spots are a very dangerous problem, especially for big vehicles. This is why a lot of people invest in blind spot detection systems.

You can be the best driver in the world, but unfortunately, you can’t exactly stay away from something you can’t see. And while legally the blame is put on the driver that merged into the other car’s blind spot. But it’s better if you can avoid the accident altogether, no matter how harmless it might be.

The area around a car where the driver can’t see even when the mirrors are properly adjusted is called a blind spot. And these blind spots are responsible for over 840.000 accidents every single year in the United States alone.

Out of these accidents, over 300 ends with fatalities. And more tragically, around 5% of them are children. This is because children and animals are too small to be noticed before it’s too late. Something as simple as pulling out of the parking lot can end in a disaster.

Blind spots are very dangerous when it comes to changing lanes as well. And unfortunately, all vehicles have some type of blind spot, some have more than the others. But in the end, it’s the driver’s job to be 100% aware of your surroundings.

If you can’t pay full attention to the road and the vehicles around you, you might want to consider a blind spot detection system. Or you might end up pushing other cars off-road or onto the oncoming traffic.

Blind Spot Detection Systems play an important role in your safety.

What is a Blind Spot Detecting System?

Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System

Most of the cars manufactured in recent years have some kind of Blind Spot Detection System. They’re used to continuously monitor a vehicle’s blind spots. And if they detect anything unsafe, they’ll alert you. The two main detection types are Active and Passive systems.

The best one, and the one we’ll be talking about today is the Active Blind Spot Detection System. It is the most accurate and technologically advanced one. It uses a type of electronic detection devices that you can install on both sides of a car.

Usually, they’re mounted near the outside rear-view mirrors, or extremely close to the rear bumpers. Some installation processes might even require the bumpers to be removed to hide the sensors.

These devices can send electronic electromagnetic waves, typically in the wavelengths of a radar. Or, they can take computer-processed images, with a digital camera and analyze them.

But no matter what type of detector is used, it will notify you every time it detects problems. This includes vehicles, people, and different objects. Their alerts can be visible, audible, or both.

Visual alerts manifest as a flashing light in the driver’s peripheral vision. While audible alarms manifest as loud sounds. And the warnings fully depend on how close the danger is to you. The closer it gets to your vehicle, the more intense the warnings become.

If you own a vehicle that’s equipped with an excellent internal system, you may have noticed that they even try to steer themselves back when detecting danger. Luxury cars are the most likely to have them. A BMW, for example, will vibrate its wheel to warn you if you try to make an unsafe lane change.

What To Consider When Buying A Blind Spot System?

Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System

If it’s the first time shopping for a Blind Spot Detecting System, let’s talk about what things you should take into consideration. A device like this can use a camera, radar, or ultrasonic sensor, some models are a combination. This is why you have to decide what type is more convenient.

A Camera Blind Spot Detecting System continuously takes pictures and analyze them. If it detects any problems, it will alert you immediately. However, they require a little bit of regular maintenance.

The Radar and Ultrasonic Blind Spot Detection Systems work a little bit more accurate and are low maintenance. They can alert you visually, audibly, or both.

A detection system that uses visible warnings can be installed in the outside mirrors, or in front of the pillars. The audible ones can be installed near the rear bumper as well. If you ignore the warnings, they tend to become more and more persistent.

The quality you need in a Blind Spot Detection System depends on how big your vehicle is. Simply put, depending on how many blind spots you have. Bigger vehicles might need high-end systems that can accurately cover all the blind spots.

Since these devices are built for driving on multi-lane roads and highways, you should opt for one that has a Lane Change Assistant. Its job is to continuously monitor the vehicle’s position on the road. And it will warn you if you try to change the lane while there’s a vehicle in your blind spot.

Another must-have feature is the Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant. It will keep you alerted if someone or something approaches your vehicle while you’re backing up.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System.

Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System Description

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The Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System is highly accurate thanks to its High Accurate Digital Microwave Radar Technology. It can continuously monitor the blind area around your vehicle and alert you if anything gets too close. You’ll be able to drive with extra peace of mind.

You will receive warnings with the two color options available for the LED indicators. This will let you know what happens around you and if any vehicles are getting too close. This way you’ll be able to avoid any accidents.

Thanks to the Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant, you’ll also be kept safe while reversing. The moment a vehicle is approaching your vehicle while you’re trying to pull out a parking space, you’ll be alerted. You might not be able to see the vehicle, nor the other driver see you, but this sensor will let you know.

For the audible alerts, this system uses a buzzer speaker. The warnings will give you enough time to get back on your lane or stop reversing. They’re audible but not annoying.

With the GPS Antenna, the Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System will be able to monitor your speed as well. This will allow it to calculate the probabilities of what might happen and in how long. It will also offer you all the needed time to avoid it.

You won’t need to do any drilling when installing these sensors. They’re also not applicable if you have metal bumpers. The sensors are already sensible enough, the metal will throw them off and increase the false alerts.

Their proper installation is crucial. You shouldn’t attempt to install it by yourself if you’re new to these types of devices.


  • Easy To Use
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant
  • Buzzer Speaker For Audible Alerts
  • Two Color Options For The LED Indicators
  • Includes a GPS Antenna For Speed Sensing
  • High Accurate Digital Microwave Radar Technology


  • Requires Professional Installation


The Rydeen BSS1 Blind Spot System is a high-quality system that can keep you alerted of what happens in your blind spots. It’s very accurate and it alerts you both visually and audibly. If you’re looking for one of the best blind spot sensors on the market, you should give this product a try.

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