Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection

Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection System Review

Blind Spot Detection System
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The Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection System is ideal for frequent drivers that need a second pair of eyes focusing on their blind spots.


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Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection

Keeping your eyes focus on every inch around your vehicle is impossible. This is why a lot of vehicles have blind spots. They’re an area around the vehicle where a driver can’t see even though the mirrors are perfectly positioned. To get rid of these blind spots, frequent drivers invest in blind spot detection systems.

A blind-spot detection system can be placed near the outside mirrors or very close to the bumpers. And when a vehicle gets too close to you, they send visual or audible warnings. Sometimes they use both methods.

Every year there are a lot of accidents caused by blind spots in the United States. And 300 of them end in fatalities, 31% being small children under 5 years old. It’s a very serious problem that can be solved with a blind spot detection system.

Blind-spot detection systems are considered the best way to avoid accidents by experts and car manufacturers. This is why newer models, especially luxury vehicles, come equipped with these systems. Some smart systems can even try to redirect the car back into the safety zone if it detects an unsafe lane change.

Car manufacturers deal with blind spots in their own ways. Some BMW models feature a function that makes the wheel vibrate when the system detects a dangerous object in the way you’re trying to steer. However, these are just warnings. They won’t affect your driving in any way in case of malfunction.

Blind-spot detection systems can also help you park more quickly and confidently in small spaces. This is because they monitor the rear part of your vehicle as well.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection System.


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Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection

The Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection System has 2 compact microwave radar blind spot sensors. They can be mounted anywhere you need them without taking up much space or ruining the car’s look. If you’re completely new to this type of device, you might want to consider professional installation. Proper positioning is crucial.

Thanks to the 2 blind spot indicator lights, you will receive warnings every time the system detects a dangerous situation. It can detect vehicles, people, and various objects that hide in your blind spot. The lights are obvious enough to not go unnoticed, but they’re not too annoying to distract you from driving.

With the GPS vehicle speed-detection module, the system can determine how far and fast the vehicles in your blind spot are. This will allow them to warn in time and determine how dangerous the situation is. If the system detects an extremely high level of danger, it might try to vibrate the wheel or steer itself away.

The GPS Vehicle Speed Detection is also great at stopping the system from sending any false alarms. This is extremely helpful when you’re getting stuck in traffic. Some blind spot detectors don’t work if you’re driving slower than 20mph. A speed tracker will help the system know when it’s time to start again.

You will also receive a blind spot audible alert every time an object seems to get too close. The alarms are clear and loud, so you will notice them in time. However, you won’t have to worry about them interrupting your focus without reason.

The width detection range is 10ft from the sides of the vehicle. This will allow the system to detect any dangers very fast.

Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection System


  • Easy To Use
  • Durable
  • Long-Lasting
  • Highly-Accurate
  • Visible Alerts
  • Audible Alerts
  • GPS Vehicle Speed Detection
  • Has a 10ft Wide Range


  • Might Require Professional Installation


The Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection System is accurate and of great quality. It can withstand various weather conditions, although the detection range will decrease depending on how bad the weather is. You will be warned with both visible and audible alerts to ensure you see the danger in time. If you’re looking for an accurate and affordable blind-spot detection system, you should try this product.

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