License Plate Blind Spot Detection System

Audiovox ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System Review

Blind Spot Detection System
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The Audiovox ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System is ideal for securing the blind spots around your vehicle.


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Audiovox ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System

Changing lanes at high speeds can be a very dangerous thing to do. There’s a big chance you may not notice another vehicle driving in your blind spot. Changing the lane at that moment can turn into a disaster. This is why a lot of frequent drivers invest in some type of Blind Spot Detection System.

An area around a vehicle that a driver can’t see, even though the mirrors are adjusted correctly, is called a blind spot. Our cars get faster and faster each year and with speed, we also face more dangerous situations.

In the United States alone, there are over 840,000 accidents per year caused by blind spots. And sadly, these accidents are also responsible for over 300 deaths a year. And out of those, around 5% are children.

Blind spots can cause you to hit another vehicle while changing lanes or backing up. Small children and animals are very hard to see and can be hurt just by backing out of a parking space.

There’s no vehicle without a blind spot, and it’s the driver’s job to pay attention to that area. Otherwise, you might end up pushing another vehicle into the oncoming traffic.

A Blind Spot Detection System is a must if you’re a frequent driver or drive fro a living. If you get tired while being behind the wheel, blind spots are even more dangerous.

Even if you stay focused on your surroundings all the time, you still can’t predict some accidents. But an extra set of “eyes” that can stay 100% ready for anything will always have your back.

Blind Spot Monitors can save a lot of lives by avoiding a collision, including yours.

What is Blind Spot Detection?

License Plate Blind Spot Detection System

A Blind Spot Detection System is a device that can monitor the areas around your vehicle you can’t see. Many newly manufactured vehicles come with such gadgets from the factory. While there are two main types of detection systems, Active and Passive, we’ll first talk about the Active Blind Spot Detection System.

Generally, Active Monitoring Systems use some type of electronic detection devices that can be mounted on a vehicle’s both sides. Typically, they’re installed either next to the outside rear-view mirrors, or around the rear bumpers.

These gadgets can send electronic electromagnetic waves, generally in the radar wavelengths. However, they can also analyze your surroundings by taking computer-processed images. These Detection Systems come equipped with a digital camera.

But no matter what type of system you opt for, they all send visual or audible warnings or a combination of both. The moment anything gets too close to your vehicle you will be alerted. This includes vehicles, people, and any objects. You may get a flashing light in the peripheral vision of the driver, get audible alarms, or both.

There are various high-end vehicles that are even capable of steering themselves back into the safety zone. This is thanks to their internal high-end blind spot detection systems. Luxury vehicles, like various BWM models, will vibrate the wheel if you attempt to make an unsafe lane change.

The second type is the Passive Blind Spot Detecting System. While they’re not as helpful, they are very simple. These are special mirrors that can be mounted in the corner of your current rear-view mirror. And its design will offer the driver visual access to a larger area than before.

Both Blind Spot Detection Systems require professional installation.

How to Choose a Blind Spot Detection System?

License Plate Blind Spot Detection System

Let’s take a moment and talk about what to consider when buying a Blind Spot Detection System. They can use three different types of detectors or a combination of two or all of them. This includes digital cameras, radars, or ultrasonic sensors. They all can help you detect anything.

You can choose to receive visible warnings, seen in the outer rear-view mirrors or in the front of the pillars. Or you can opt for audible alarms that are alerting but not annoying. And if you want to maximize its potential, you can choose both.

Another thing to think about it’s the price range, aka the quality. If you own a vehicle with a lot of blind spots and you’re a frequent driver, you may need a high-quality one. A vehicle with a lot of blind spots is usually bigger, like an SUV or Minivan.

Using a high-quality system can keep you safe through harsher weather, work faster, and cover more ground more accurately. This will eliminate the chance of getting false alarms.

Any Blind Spot Detection System needs a Lane Change Assistant. This feature continuously monitors the vehicle’s position on the road. And if it detects that you’re trying to change lanes at an inappropriate time, it will alert you. The Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant does the same while reversing.

You should also keep in mind that these devices don’t work 100% of the time. They might miss some vehicles in extreme weather conditions, or if you have something in that car that may block its sensors. These devices are also more accurate if you drive with more than 20mph.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Audiovox ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System.


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License Plate Blind Spot Detection System

The Audiovox ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System is 100% waterproof and is designed as a license plate case. Its hidden look will keep it concealed and it will blend in with the car’s look. And since it’s hard to imagine that this might be a piece of tech, it’s also kept safe from thieves.

Thanks to the Audible and Visual LED indicator alerts, you will have enough time to avert any possible collision. And if you ignore them, they become more persistent until the threat disappears.

It has an adjustable speed activation that is set to a standard of 20mph. This means that it won’t work while you drive under the set speed. Or under any speed, you choose to re-adjust it to. This helps reduce false alarms while you’re stuck in traffic.

With the built-in GPS, the system can detect the speed at all times for added accuracy. It will also be able to calculate certain important things faster and more accurately. This will give the warning system enough time to alert you.

While in reverse, the integrated Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant will monitor the process. And if any vehicles approach you from either left or right, you will receive immediate notification.

The Audiovox ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System has built-in spot radar sensors. They’re located at the bottom of the license plate and offer a fast professional installation.


  • Easy To Use
  • Great quality
  • Accurate
  • Waterproof
  • Has a Built-in GPS
  • Concealed Design
  • Adjustable Speed Activation
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant
  • Lane Change Assistant
  • Audible and Visual LED Indicator Alerts


  • Requires Professional Installation


The Audiovox ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System is a good quality monitoring system. It’s perfectly concealed and it can resist any weather. If you’re looking for a very good and accurate Blind Spot Detection System, you should give this product a try.

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