Digital Car Battery Tester

Digital Car Battery Tester – SOLAR BA9

Battery Tester
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If you have not bought a Digital car battery tester yet, and you wish to make such a purchase, we recommend SOLAR BA9.


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Digital Car Battery Tester

The car’s starter and spark plugs get power from the battery. Which means that without your car battery would not start at all without this important part. But, we know very well, that after a certain period of use the batteries discharge.

Although these batteries are usually rechargeable and take many years to change to new ones, at some point they lose their load by a large amount. Then they must be replaced immediately.

Many times we get stuck in the middle of the route, without any car service nearby or car store, because the car battery left us exactly at the wrong time.

If we had known in advance that the battery does not have a long life, we would certainly have replaced it in time, and this would not have happened.

For this reason, manufacturers of car accessories invented battery testers. With the help of these tools, we can do just that on our own, without having to go to a mechanic and spend money, with safety measures and precautions.

Considering how important these tools are, there are many models on the market from very famous or unknown brands. We must be very careful when purchasing such a product.
The Solar brand is known for the service tools for the batteries it creates, of all types from cars to boats.

Today in this article we will discuss one of the best battery testers created by this brand, namely SOLAR BA9 40-1200.

Digital Car Battery Tester Presentation

12V digital battery tester

The Solar BA9 Digital Battery offers you a very fast, as accurate as possible, assessment of 12V batteries. It can evaluate both start and charge systems.

In addition, the tester is compatible with many types of batteries, offering easy, intuitive operation. This provides an extremely accurate assessment of the battery’s operating status as well as the performance of the start-up and charging system.

With the BA9 you can test 12V batteries with a varied operating range of 40-1200 CCA. It is optimized to diagnose 4 different battery types. This includes Conventional Flooded Acid, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral Wound and Gel Cell batteries.

This quality tester also gives you an accurate assessment of the batteries charged and discharged up to 7 volts. It has a range of features, including reverse polarity as well as over-voltage protection. This makes testing easier for you and the equipment you are testing.

You can attest to a wide range of rating systems such as CCA, DIN, JIS, EN, and IEC.

The display of this device is large, which means it is also very easy to read. Each battery connection cable has 2 wires on 2 connection points that are separate. At the battery, you will need a good connection to be able to make correct readings with any conductance tester.

In addition, when you use the unit you will see that the test menu is logical and very easy to use. It can be displayed in CCA or in megaohms. It can be used in other applications than cars such as solar, spare power, wheelchair, and others.

Because it is small and weighs 9.6 ounces you can keep it easily at hand, fitting perfectly in the toolbox, without occupying much space.


  • easy to use
  • well-known brand
  • works very good


  • it is more expensive than other similar products


If you have not bought a Digital car battery tester yet, and you wish to make such a purchase, we recommend SOLAR BA9. It will diagnose the battery performance very correctly and will be very helpful.

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