12v Car Battery Tester

12v Car Battery Tester – FOXWELL BT100 Pro

Battery Tester
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A battery tester is a necessity for home. Foxwell bt100 pro, with strong quality and affordable price, is your best selection!


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12v Car Battery Tester Foxwell BT100 Pro

 A car battery tester is an electronic device that lets you test your car battery and ensure that it is operating at excellent levels. The battery is something we use in our everyday life. From TV remote to alarm clocks, nothing can run without batteries. But we never think about those little power source until batteries are out of power. Battery testers vary from simple models that test how much charge is left in the battery, to more complicated devices that test the battery`s capacity for charge accumulation and potential problems that might impact its capabilities.

 After the battery power is finished, we replace it with another. But if the battery power finished at an improper moment we have nothing to do. That’s when the importance of battery tester comes.

 A battery tester can save from a myriad of difficult situations and ensure that your holiday road trip doesn`t end in a flat. Because really, no one wants that. 

 With a battery tester, you can check and know how much battery power is left. That’s how you will understand when to replace the battery. It will keep you safe from any improper situation. 

 Foxwell is a professional supplier of automotive characteristic products, services, and solutions in the aftermarket. We combine industry experience, building expertise, and technological discovery to offer a comprehensive portfolio including OBDII code readers, scanners, electrical check tools, Data Logger tools, and other developing tools for the interests of our customers.

 Foxwell battery tester 12 V BT100Pro is one of the best our check products.


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Foxwell BT100 Pro

 This battery tester its a must-have for the home. It offers you a simple way to view battery charging status, examine the battery health status and also detect errors without moving out and paying too much.

 With this battery analyzer, your battery can be tested. Specifically lets you check the battery status of 12V 100-1100 CCA regular flooded, AGM flat service, AGM wound, as well as GEL batteries, and gives you exact test results in 3 seconds.

 Foxwell battery tester BT100Pro it’s easy to use. It has a large backlit LCD and a clear arranged keypad. The menu-driven service makes the battery tester much simpler to operate. Powers itself off the battery, especially born for the beginners.

 Also, it is a safe and responsible dispositive, which doesn’t emit light, heat or spark, and won’t discharge the battery.

 It also has dualities wrongly-connected security and over-voltage security.

 We work at trying our best to offer you, customers, better goods and services. 

 Answer in time, return supported, one-year guarantee, and other systems available to make you unworried before/after the acquisition.

 The tester allows you to test 12V gasoline and diesel car battery voltage rapidly: CCA range -100-1100CCA, AH range-30-200 AH.

 The dispositive has multi-language support.

 Next, we will show you how to use this device faster:

 -Press the ENTER button to start the test. BAT. LOCATION Menu will reveal.

 -Scroll with the UP or DOWN button to highlight OUT OF VEHICLE or IN VEHICLE from the BATTERY LOCATION menu and press ENTER to select the battery location.

 -Scroll with the UP or DOWN button to select the battery type from the BATTERY TYPE menu and press ENTER to confirm.

 -Scroll with the UP and DOWN to select the battery standard from the BATTERY STANDARD menu and press ENTER to confirm. Not all rating systems are available for each application.

 -Use the UP and DOWN button to change the measuring range till you enter the correct range of your battery. Press ENTER to start the test.

 View the results on the screen. 

 12v Car Battery Tester PROS

  •  Multiple vehicle applications – customer cars and light-duty trucks
  •  Tests batteries measured from 100 to 800CCA
  •  support various battery types – regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel
  •  Tests many evaluation systems – CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE
  •  No need to remove the battery
  •  Detects bad cells
  •  Quick and precise test result from display in just 3 seconds
  •  Does not transmit light, heat or spark, or discharge battery – keeps work safe for all levels of users
  •  Automatic heat compensation
  •  Extremely simple to use with large backlight LCD and menu-driven control

 12v Car Battery Tester CONS

  •  this battery tester cannot test 6v/24v batteries.


 A battery tester is a necessity for home. Foxwell bt100 pro, with strong quality and affordable price, is your best selection!

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