Car Battery Tester and Charger Review

Car Battery Tester and Charger BLACK+DECKER BC15BD

Battery Charger Battery Tester
  • Price - 9.2/10
  • Ease of use - 9.6/10
  • Quality - 9.8/10


We all had days when we hurried to work, but the car battery was not in the same direction. For the days when you’re in a hurry BLACK+DECKER BC15BD, you get in with it, giving your car that spark you need to get back on the road. It is a battery tester, as well as a charger.


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Car Battery Tester and Charger

If you are a driver, you know how important your car’s condition is, but especially the condition of the battery. A battery charger is a must for any driver to avoid any inconvenience.

We can name the car battery as the heart of the car. This component of vehicles with an internal combustion engine or an electric motor produces and gives up the electrical energy required for the engine to start and supply the electrical consumers.

The car battery must operate in normal settings regardless of outside temperatures. It must also operate correctly at extremely low temperatures (-30 °C) and very high temperatures (up to 70 °C).

To be able to check the proper functioning of a battery, we can use suitable devices in this field. These are called Battery tools. These battery tests can perform simple charge and voltage tests until complete diagnostic tests and are capable of finding any existing battery defects included.

By connecting electrical currents to the entire battery, you can diagnose the condition of the battery. The result of the test should be compared with the power of a standard battery, noting that there is a difference between the two. If there is any difference, there are chances that you will have problems with the car.


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Black and DECKER BC15BD

This tester and battery charger have a very good 15 amp output, maintaining and having the capacity to load any battery such as AGM, GEL or WET auto, or even 12V marine batteries.

Loading shall be carried out on a high frequency, is fully automatic, with the driver having three loading steps at his disposal.

It chooses which gear best suits it, with automatic shifting, fast and efficient loading, and continuous loading at its disposal. Black+DECKER BC15BD Car Battery Tester and Charger helps prolong the life of the car battery.

This model will help you start your car in about 90 seconds, which in cold winter days, or summer torches, is a great addition.

 This tester and battery charger are equipped with an LCD screen that displays the state of charge and the battery status, being very easy to use and understand thanks to the pictograms.

It is also equipped with a polarity inversion protection to ensure the correct functioning of the device. Also, has a patented alternator check that indicates precisely whether the alternator maintains the optimum ETL battery level.

Car Battery Tester and Charger Info

The BLACK+DECKER BC15BD also has a certificate for performance and operating system security, providing it with a product quality guarantee.

 With this tester, you will be able to test without the use of a car mechanic, the battery charge level, you will also be able to test the alternator and the gadget will provide fault-finding in the event of an electrical problem, giving you the safety you need.

With this device, you will be able to improve your battery health permanently, because it is not just a battery tester, but it is also a charger.

This product checks your battery problems, but it also solves them. What is great, because you will not need to call your neighbors to give some electric impulses to your battery from their car, and visits to the car service will be less and less.


  • of very good quality
  • very easy to use
  • rapid-lifting
  • efficient fault finding
  • durability in time
  • the very good price for what it offers


  • no customer service
  • back-light goes out


If you are looking for a battery tester, as well as looking for a competent, practical and reliable battery charger, I think THE BLACK+DECKER BC15BD Car Battery Tester and Charger is your model. So your car’s heart will beat at optimum speeds!

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